Saturday, September 04, 2004

For Example, the Veg-A-Matic as a Bible on "Naming": A Found Poem on the Rules of Marketing

what is seen
is more biblical
than biblical naming,
to name one why
of exponential

today is the only
now of the rest of your

life there is a blade bath of consequence
(exclude all feelings
of product repugnancy)
in loving to chop up items

rules all


naming continues to blue-balloon across central coastlines, a category 5

meta prophylactic

& a package of the art/icle the

de- & re- branding (of the U.S. Ranch Herd)

to create is to


as what

how as who

who as where

when as who

whose as 1996 memory?

scent of earth in slits

of lines

a coyote stealth

is a dawn of tax columns

over mown timothy grass,

the cows always

lowing in

of the silent winds
of romance

over the certain
lost prairie

& actuary


it is found in grocery aisle 6 Madam:

the whetstone, which is a sharpening

in its turn
for tools of (an)


noun/verb exi/

in the store-story,
consumers did not ask,
why are the Beatles singing "I Wanna Hold Your...
(everyone knows what appendage of body will come
as sung in the chorus next, eh?)"

you will always know exactly--what--
is the rest of that (song) no?


they are a series of cuts,

Irigaray says it best at length

(how: paper money causes paper cuts)

these namings the mind is not the heart
is not the kidney filtering (more naming)

hew tendencies and tensions and sting

of naming in theory

and the real buzz is Magritte's pipe

is never the/a/his/her hat

where living is naming's other


even while reading/consuming the book of John

Berger, "Seeing comes before

words..." since cash

= one
machine seen
now as outmoded

Friday, September 03, 2004

Dear Harold Bloom,

Oh please hear my prayer. Let me humble myself to you, and endlessly grovel in your Humped-up presence. Since you are the real master of canon-making, hierarchical rankings, and--what was that other thing?--mistaken priorities, or no... it was called "misprision"--will you lower yourself to link to my little bloggie? I promise my bloggie is fully trained and knows when and where it is acceptable within all hierarchies to take a dump. Thank you in advance for your kind and authoritative, disciplinary attention...

Every Yours (is) Always

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