Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hannah Grammaticone: Happy to See

E verybody’s

N appy

H aired somewhere she

S ay lover where

You W [ish & Y] ooooo`oooooo

Been ee`eeeeeeeee 2 N=MC?

Sunday, May 16, 2004

no identifine remarks          prisoner flying license plate 

number [random any 120
degrees -- 3:00 -- 781-FVF in case you are mango
you? wondering about everything] painted she

her green lips chapped same stick in Iraq
busted flat in baton rouge baton twirler girl
sequins flying here are the snakes
faux scales in bladerunner found stiff
around bathtub drained from dancing

one girl later jumping president smileys stripping
on the run spectacle angel flaming light she
is headed through plate glass man legs
in pursuit to interrogate she-game

is up ! glass fragments acrobat hell
all over others in toy shops at night
flipping off Oedipus bossman in blue tights Hartford always
Yours, has life insurance in letters
to the editor of father number 2

Saturday, May 08, 2004

anonymous-29-april-04, submission # 6 :

from Arcadia St. (lady of angels)

{ed} "go ahead, scream as loud as you want"
no hat helmet resting legs between predict (ing) ed another "as" formal
to "omission is not a relative," not with a leg shackle not without
exclusion while 't shouting a "fuck!"

this is culture this dominant as schools is
"pick one or two" joined to the neck as smother (ed) (ing) since't
intersecting head down legs up hands behind arms not generate {banding
together to}
stand up help up in origin

it's played in "europeindiaasia" pull the hands wrists
tighter "your mother did this to you you you little meth head"
ripped up heart (quiet those written) posting even around mailed fished
(ing) somewhere
sing "I'm risen, I'm arose 'd"

----------------copyright of anonymous-29-april-04---------------

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