Monday, March 29, 2004

Anonymous submission # 3:

National Anthem

Ohhhh, say, can you see?--
these blinking, groaning, air brake
whining and farting garbage trucks
descending on,
gathering into their empathic
crab-claw arms
the stink and limp
crawl of boxes
of profuse, generic,
endless American household trash,
crushing it
mightily, yet ever so lightly,
so like rice crispies, sugared
and invisible as ideology,
going off to infinite landfill heavens
to make our history

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Anonymous Badgurrrl submission # 2:

Help Save Our Hysterical Homunculi

who live in the gulf treading water in backyard pools laced with 50-proof biblebooks, the locks of their Chem Pro green hair swiftly whipping droves of mosquitoes from the finer darts of sex & lies at a rate of 1000 per second, commissioned by a grand jury which is still sequestered in Dallas over serial questions of ho & mo. Hysterical homunculi shine out of railway backyards & Oklahoma with halos & anonymous writings pressed between emerald beads & a renewed interest in the emergent, lace-veiled authority of Homer, never losing a hardliner nerve, nor softest of virginities, nor a news beat between church and grocery aisles, while singing rousing praises of the men and arms of Texan politicos, or else spending their money on brand new Hum Vees & nightly dreams of the perfect gasoline once spilled fruitlessly on potholed ground. Hysterical homunculi are not related to Amazons of Wall Street or Washington but are directly descended from the cloud of unknowing & could, so have hunted naked the shifting alpha-bet-males who circle back to follow, beating loudly their Mitty conundrums in poetics reminiscent of baton twirlers and football pom pom worshippers. Please send your bucks as soon as possible to the Preserve Hysterical Homunculi Fund: they are a dying breed which PBS has offered to feature in a special fund drive-over, so to preserve forever the sweet nothings of this dwindling national treasure, these ever accommodating hysterical homunculi, living in dire straits during these times of absolute emergency, the pain and shame of our continuing U. S. consumer adversity.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

"Dear all fields are compulsory,

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"Hope you find your experience with BlogStreet useful.
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Thursday, March 25, 2004

one i imagine
keeps sugar
in a burlap sack
made of knowing holes
a tell tale
take some

again sweating
dreams of backyard
corrugated rooftops

automated callers
hang on the line
sounding so sweet

drawl about hotel bedboard
won't shut up
where who cares

i will let you

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

BadGurrrl # 1 submission

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

traversing a lower

of wet

curb the red ant

cannot help

but to crumble

to a floating

for video

National Geographic--exotic

lizards, the rain
forest in

I dreamed there will be two yield

signs at the corner of your rejoined

sigh. You say, Every hunger is a double

door. I say, Roughed out framework, return

to move a saw.

Monday, March 15, 2004


are you a badgurrrl?--send your best badgurrrl stuff to


Why "Suck" is Not Always the Same as "Kiss":

or, Today at the Bloggo Craft and Remnant Store:
(Oh, Gurrrrls!--please get a grip! Be nice, now)

The One Act Historical-Lessen on Aeneas (pronounced, Ah, EE'aanAss), Baba !

Sappho: Baba, if you didn't have so much asshole to hide, you'd just say what's on yr mind

Dido: Fuck you, Baba, & gee, fuck me too but continue on vice versa

Cleopatra: Fuck you & the weak assed barge you rode in on, Baba: hand me your other snake

Aphra: Get real, Baba, i am a great spy: can I be yours ?

Lord (let me make more grunt fer ya, huh?) Byron: Well, sweet you-to-me every 7's worth & any way, Babamichi!--
Tell me,
do you have
(a) real estate or
(b) some cash
for all these beautiful *deeds* ?

Rosetti, C : Oh hey, Baba, here--lift my hair
i can't see if anything comes ...
um... next?

Emily: What is Baba for?

HD: I wz talkin with Biggie E, and eminemeeeeee, how did this belleeeeee ever happen in betweeeeeeeen?

Dorothy Parker: Man na-dog is a very (hic) intelligent rascally wink
who never takes (hic) pervintage.
no i mean pervantage.
mass denial of me my mine.
oh no Baba, i wear my own
glasses, ya kno?--around you, especially,
my only you, My Baba.

Sylvia: For once I have nothing to say.
Oh, okay: maybe just Dadadaddddddddddddddddd. & my one & only, my oven. & orderly=bees.

Pat Nixon ( Pat Nixon?): Baba, let me just say dick about that.

Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Want Props [giggle giggle giggle]
nice bus stop in Ocean Beach lets have fun with all that gee, gizzzzz!

[stand-ins: back drop stacks up to Brittany and J-Lo]

Laura Bush: Oh! Billy, U R so educational! Plz, one more time, recite
yr "Taking Off Emily Dickinson's Clothes"!--I love to hear that poem!
I want to be your special Emily, always!

--Next Funkshun of Gurrrl Nest: Jan. 2005

awwww. we ain't az bad az we sound. good stuff comin'up soon.
Gurrrlnest. yeah.

got any pomes heah in dis little freak spot?

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